After wearing your scarf for a while, you might want to clean your scarf. I would like to give you some advice.

Dry Clean Only
You can bring your scarf to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the superior quality of your scarf is maintained upon cleaning.

Hand Wash
Hand wash in clean, lukewarm water, approximately 30°C, using a mild and gentle detergent. Allow to soak for a period of 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly firstly in lukewarm water, then finally in cold water. Wash the scarf individually, or wash with simular colours. Also, to avoid any shrinkage or distortion, avoid any excessive agitation by excessive squeezing or wringing of the scarf by hand.

Machine Washable
If you would like to wash your scarf in the washing machine, use the wool setting (usually gentle action at 40°C). If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, then it is recommended to use the cold water wash or wash cycle for delicates. It is recommended to dried flat after washing. Allow the garment to dry in the air naturally.

Softeners or conditioners can be used, but keep the amount down to a minimum. Excessive amount of softener can lead to the formation of pills during subsequent washes. This is because softeners tend to act as a lubricant and enable fibres to move out onto the surface.

Set the iron on the wool setting or medium-hot. Too hot could lead to discolouration or in the worst case causes scorch marks. Alternatively for ironing, use the steaming function to apply a bit of steam. Do not apply undue pressure, this will lead to a shiny surface.